Web Hosting Buying Guide

October 2020

1. What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service offered by companies to upload your websites on servers so that it is available on the internet. In simple terms, you basically need a web hosting service if you want to run your website.

2. What are the benefits of buying a Web Hosting Service?

Since Web Hosting is a basic requirement to start your website it is imperative to go for. In order to launch your website you have two options, a) Launch it through a Web Hosting Company b) Launch it yourself by creating your own Server. The latter option may sound very fulfilling but it comes with lot of work and complexities. It is never advised for beginners. Hence for most of us we are better off going for a web hosting service for our website.

Below are the many benefits compared to hosting it ourselves:-

1. No hassles – Web Hosting comes with a host of requirements like licensing, certification, server software management, hardware management which is an uphill task for an individual or a small company. With Web Hosting Providers, you do not have to worry as they will handle everything.

2. No down time – Web Hosting providers will ensure you have no down time whereas hosting yourself means you are ought to face downtime if there is an error at your end which is highly likely given the numerous bugs and viruses we face day by day.

3. Secure – Web Hosting companies employ a lot of methods to safeguard data on their servers and hence they are secure as compared to self hosting where you have to be aware of new software issues and ensure protection in order to safeguard your server.

4. Comparatively Low Cost- Web Hosting is getting cheaper day by day and in case you have a small number of websites to host, the cost of self-hosting will be way higher than that offered by web hosting services.

As seen from the advantages above, web hosting service benefit over self hosting due to the expertise and security they offer. Hence it is a no brainer to go for a web hosting service if you do not have server hosting expertise.

3. What are the features to consider in a Web Hosting Service before buying it?

It is the percentage of time in which your site will be online.
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Site Speed
It is the speed with which your site loads or any data transfer takes place
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No. of Websites
It is the number of websites that you can host
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Storage Space
It is the amount of data that you can host
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Crucial if the web site is your "bread and butter"
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