About Us

Buying Bible.com is an initiative where visitors are enlightened on how to buy a product by giving guidelines and making them aware of malpractices thereby enabling them to make the right buying decision. As the golden rule - “Supply and Demand” goes, buying the right products will result in sellers selling the right products and thereby resulting in a healthy market with happy consumers, reduced substandard goods, reduced fake products.

We have seen that buying any product has been a very tiresome and confusing process as there are lot of options to choose from a product itself. Taking an example of a washing machine, we have so many types like semi-automatic, fully automatic, front-load, top-load etc. A shopper who has no time in doing tiring and difficult research on the types will find it hard to choose which is right for him. He needs something which can tell him a) What is important to see, b) What he should expect for his budget and c) Which are the recommended products for his budget, which is why Buying Bible is for. Our focus will always be to instruct our visitor community on how to select the best for their needs and how to spot unwanted products.

Our Team

Buying Bible is started and run by a team of technical enthusiasts who believe in a win-win situation where both the consumers and manufacturers are benefited. All bad practices like unwanted features, wrong marketing, fake products are highlighted and made aware to the consumers in a mission to eliminate the manufacturers who follow such practices. All the members of the Buying Bible Team share a common interest and that is to analyse before making a decision and buying is an activity where analysis plays a very important role. The posted recommendations will be based on our analysis so that the visitors can benefit from it.

Our Mission

1. To enable visitors to decide if they really need the product or not.
2. To help visitors on how to buy the product.
3. To ensure visitors buy the best product at the best price.
4. To bring awareness on the gimmicks and marketing tactics of manufacturers and sellers.

Our Vision

1. To expose sellers selling fake products.
2. To spread awareness on how to buy responsibly so that sellers and buyers both are benefited which ultimately leads to a healthy market.