Smart Band Buying Guide

November 2020

1. What is a Smart Band?

Smart Bands are fitness bands that track your fitness activities like steps, calories burnt along with providing basic watch features like displaying the date and time. Nowadays smart bands can do much more than the basic tasks mentioned above and have now evolved to monitor your heart rate, exercise routine, sleep, blood oxygen levels, and also track your trail with GPS functionality.

Smart Bands which are also known as Fitness Trackers/Fitness Bands are different from Smart Watches . Both are meant to track fitness at their core but smart watches have the ability to install apps, better notification features, have a bigger display (resembles a watch). Smart bands offer longer battery life and are more comfortable to wear which is why they are a separate target market.

2. What are the benefits of buying a Smart Band?

Smart Bands through the years, are evolving to provide more convenience and functionality to the consumers. Their benefits are as seen below:-

1. Track Fitness Activity – They track your basic activities like steps moved, sleep, distance travelled, travel route, type of workout with duration/reps which are not practical to measure otherwise.

2. They measure health parameters – Trackers can now measure health parameters like heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Important point to note that trackers are not accurate and have a certain degree of error and at times can be misleading, although we have to give them due credit for being able to provide features in a small and convenient way. They still have a long way to go through for them to be be relied upon for any health monitoring.

3. Smart Assistants – Smart Bands are smart assistants by providing us nifty features like alarms, stopwatch, reminders etc and also remotely allowing control on our phone like play/pause/forward a song, control volume, pick/reject/mute calls and many more. You also can control your camera, or can give a quick beep to locate your phone.

4. Check and Reply to Notifications Smart bands nowadays can display notifications for your WhatsApp messages, SMS, mails and some on and also allows you to reply with a list of message templates like "Ok","Bye","Will check" (You get the point).

5. Motivates to be more fit – Fitness Bands are 'motivators', by that we mean they give you fitness targets on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis as per your preference. You even have the freedom to set your own targets and the band will keep reminding you in case of non-completion or congratulate you in case of completing them. Bands from some manufacturers give you access to their social community which is a great platform for sharing, comparing and achieving your fitness targets.

To sum up fitness bands are a good addition to your gadget line-up. They provide you with a host of fitness data, nifty assistant features and is a motivation tool. . They still may not be reliable for health data and hope they are in the near future.

3. What are the features to consider in a Smart Band?

Being the core of any fitness tracker, they are the sensors present in the tracker. Sensors like Accelerometer (for steps), Gyroscope (for rotation), Altimeter (height), Heart Rate Sensor, GPS and the list goes on. Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate Sensors are minimum sensors present in any tracker and by paying more you can expect trackers offering more sensors.

If you are on a budget opt for the band with the sensors that will enable you to use the features you want (Please read the explanation). Also purchase the bands from reputed brands to ensure accuracy of the sensor (Read the brand section for more details).
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The amount of comfort that your band provides you is very important as the bands will be your companion throughout the day and this depends on the build and design of your band. Good strap materials along with a good body design will ensure you get good comfort while wearing your band.
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App Features
A Smart Band is generally paired to your phone through a 'Companion App'. This App can make or break your user experience with the band. Features like Ease of Connectivity, Good User Interface are what is looked to in good Apps.

App is one of the feature that distinguish an Unknown Brand from established ones. Hence, it is useful to check the App quality when buying from unkown brands.
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Smart Control
They are nifty features that enhance the functionality of your band. Features namely audio play/pause/forward, photo click, call accept/reject using simple gestures like hand movements are popular in today's smart bands.

They are essential features and should be seriously looked into as they make your life easy.
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Bands come with protection (dust, shock and water) to protect against various environment conditions. Protection is based on the rating mentioned on the band like IP67 (Water and Dust Proof),IPX6 (Water Resistant), IPX7(Water Proof and not Dust Proof).

Waterproofing is very important and if your budget allows it is wise to opt for it. However, please see the protection rating so that you get the right one (Read explanation below).
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Display Quality
A smart band having good display (looks and touch) will certainly enhance your experience. Good Colors, Crisp, Sunlight Legibility and Responsiveness are what is sought in a good display.
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Activity Modes
Helps to keep a better tab on your activities.
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Other Features
Important features to enhance experience
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