Laptop RAM Buying Guide

November 2020

1. What is a RAM?

RAM is the memory component of the computer and is responsible to make the data transfer between the storage and processor faster thereby speeding up the computing process. Laptop RAM's are not compatible with Desktop RAM's or vice versa. There are many different types of RAM and they are classified based on their Memory Architecture, Speed, Type, Latency, Channel which can make it very confusing and worse resulting in an incompatible purchase. Hence, it is important to know how to choose the best RAM for your laptop and identifying the important and not so important features.

2. What are the benefits of buying a RAM for a Laptop?

RAM's being the memory makes the computing process faster. Below are the benifits of RAM:-

1. Speeds up your system – Having less than sufficient RAM slows down your system and hence RAM is of utmost priority when it comes to speeding and optimising your computer.

2. Helps to multitask – Having enough RAM will improve the multitasking abilities like opening and working between many tasks like image editing, word processing, web browsing, or any other tasks.

As seen above a RAM is crucial for optimum performance of your system and has to never be below your requirement as it can seriously impact your speed and experience.

3. Is my Laptop's RAM upgradable?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself. Many a times customers jeopardize the RAM upgrade process by either choosing the wrong RAM or choosing more than compatible RAM for their system. With that said you do not need to worry if you follow the below steps.

Check if you have a slot for expansion
Most of the entry level laptops do not allow or have spare RAM slots in them for expansion. Hence, you will not be able to upgrade the RAM on these laptops.
You can check if your laptop has a spare slot by running the task manager. You can open task manager by pressing the Windows button, type task manager. Open Task Manager from the list, go to Performance>Memory and there you will see the no of slots present if the no of slots is full then you wont be able to upgrade. You will need at least one slot to upgrade.

Check the maximum amount of RAM compatible with your laptop
Next up, you will have to check on the maximum RAM that your laptop can accept, for this you will have to see 2 cases
a) The Maximum Amount per slot can take.
b) The Maximum Amount of RAM the laptop can take.
Hence, you need to select the RAM which satisfies the above two conditions.
To check on the maximum RAM that your laptop can take, you will have to refer your Laptop's User's Manual and check the RAM's specification. There will be mention of the Maximum RAM per slot and the Total RAM acceptable by the laptop.

3. What are the features to consider when buying RAM for laptops?

Identify RAM
Distinguish Laptop RAM's from Desktop RAM's.
See Explanation
Memory Type
Identify the memory type of your RAM.
See Explanation
RAM Capacity
Capacity of the RAM is crucial based on your activities
See Explanation
Memory Speed
RAM's too have a clock speed
See Explanation
Get the extra juice out with an ideal latency number
See Explanation

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