How to read the Buying Bible

 Update: October 2020
Buying Bible is designed and structured in a way that our visitor community can arrive at their final buying decision in less time and without any confusion. Hence it is useful that you go through the Instructions on How to read the Buying Bible before reading our Buying Guides.
Is it Worth?
The first question you have to ask - Is the product worth buying?

Many of the times we buy a product without actually knowing whether we will use it or that there are cheaper alternatives which will satisfy our requirements. To understand what we want to convey we have given an example below of when Tom had a thought of buying an inkjet printer –
Tom – Hi BB (Buying Bible). I am planning to buy an Inkjet Printer, please suggest a nice one.

BB- That’s a nice thought Tom. What is the reason on going for an Inkjet Printer?

Tom – Yes there is. I print notes during my exams and have to print in a bulk. So was thinking that I will save money if I have my own printer than printing it from a printer shop

BB – Ok, that’s nice. How often will you print from the printer.

Tom- Since I print during my exams, I will be printing every 2 months.

BB- Oh, then you will have to rethink on buying it Tom. Did you know that Inkjet Inks dry quickly and they have to be used frequently to be economical.

Tom – Is it so? Will drop the printer idea and stick to printing from the local shop. Thanks BB you saved me from losing money.

As we learn from Tom's Story, we have to check for alternatives or see the cost effectiveness when deciding to buy.
Check Features
Go through the main features of the product to base your decision.

A product when it is marketed or advertised will have lot of features portrayed. This leads to a lot of confusion when choosing the product. Many a times there are only some features which you should actually consider to base your decision. For the same reason, we have highlighted the main features of the product and explained on the types and their significance so that you will get a clear idea by understanding it and will be well equipped to make up your mind on what features is important to you.

Choose Your Category
Choose the right segment which fits you

We have seen that we can categorize the buying options into 3 Categories based on buyers’ preference. That is there are some number of buyers who want just the basic functionalities of the product, they are not concerned about the other features then there are buyers who want the mid-way that is they want the best they can get for a price which is in the middle of the range. Then there are buyers who want the best that money can buy –

1. Low/Starter – This is the low end of the category. The product specified in these categories are meant to do the main work they are meant to. For example, in the case of a Washing Machine, they are at a minimum meant to dry and wash the clothes. Consideration for a decent life is also given.

2. Medium/Features with Value – This can be called the mid range category, here the products which have the best features for the price is given.

3. High/Top-End – This is the top in the category where pricing is not given importance and main focus is the best features and reliability.

Our Recommendation
Go through our recommendation for each of the categories

As we explained the three categories above, we give recommendation which suits each of the category.

Our recommendations are based on techniques like In-Depth Analysis and Customer Reviews. Please kindly go through our recommendation methodology to know the scope and limitations.

See BB Top 5
Consider the “Buying Bible's Top 5” for more choice options

If you need more buying choices other than our recommendations, please go through Buying Bible’s Top 5 List. They are based on the best in their categories.

Buy from our Affiliate Links
Once decided, buy from our Affiliate Links

Once you have decided on what to buy, you can buy the product from our Affiliate Link. We are affiliated to Flipkart.com and Amazon.com. If you buy through the affiliate links on our website we will receive a commission. Commissions will help us to maintain our website and keep improving it. It will minimize our need to look for other sources of income like advertising.

With the above said, we encourage you to do a research on the internet for alternative products based on the knowledge gained through our buying guide before making a purchase. As we believe in our moto – “Buy the Best” 😊