Hair Dryer Buying Guide

October 2020

1. What is a Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer is an equipment primarily used for drying and styling hair. It can further also be used for drying anything and has lots of applications.

2. What are the Benefits of Buying a Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer has many good benefits to brag about and has applications in more than just drying the hair, let us see them in the below:-

1. Quickly dries hair – There is nothing better than a hair dryer to dry your hair. We all know the wowness we get when our wet hair is dried in a couple of minutes.

2. They style hair – Hair dryers are used for hair styling, they style hair by locking any moisture in them.

3. Dries difficult to access areas – Why should we use hair dryers to dry only hair we may ask? you are right and they are also handy in drying difficult to access areas like insides of toys etc. They can also be used to dry areas of the body that are not easily dried and have to be dried in case to prevent any fungal infections.

Hair dryers being quick, convenient and easy to use offer many advantages compared to conventionals methods viz. towel dry or dry under the sun or some air source. Having noticeable advantages, we feel it is a handy appliance to have for any household.

3. What are the different features to consider in a Hair Dryer?

Heating Power
The heat that the hair dryer can produce which inturn means how fast your hair dries. It is specified in Watts, and heating power of 1000W upto 3000W are available in the market.

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Heating Technology
There are four technologies with which hair dryers are made, they are Ceramic, Ionic, Tourmaline and Titanium Hair Dryer.

Each of the technologies are meant for different hair types viz. Fine, thick, thin, long, curly etc. Hence, choose the best technology based on your hair type - See explanation below.
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Heat/Speed Settings
Hair dryers come with selectable heat and speed settings. It gives better control on drying the hair and some hair require specific heat/speed setting inorder to avoid damage.

A heat speed settings give better control in drying the hair, this feature will be handy and many times required. Hence if your budget allows go for it.
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Cool Shot Button
A feature which blows cool hair for better shine and hold.

Cool shot is a handy feature if styling is important.
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Other Features
These features are worth considering as they give an added dimension
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