Electric Kettle Buying Guide

October 2020

What is an Electric Kettle?

Electric Kettles are appliances which boil water. Apart from boiling water, they are used to prepare tea/coffee, soup, noodles, pasta. They can also be used to boil milk or boil vegatables.

There are electric kettles have the ability to control temperature and hence allows you to heat water to a specific temperature. This is useful for brewing special tea’s like white, oolong tea which require a specific temperature for best results.

What are the benefits of buying an Electric Kettle?

Electric Kettles can boil water faster than traditional methods like firewood or gas stoves. They also take up less energy and make it convenient to manage the items you are boiling. With advancements many electrical kettles are now able to control temperature which extends its applications. Below are the many benefits-

1. They are easy to use/convenient – Just by connecting a cord to the power socket and press of a button, the kettle boils and switches off by itself. No worry of availability of fuel like gas or wood.

2. Temperature of liquids can be controlled – Many electric kettles nowadays have temperature settings in them and are labelled to specific need i.e. Tea/Coffee, Noodles, Warm, Boil etc. Hence you can select the matching setting for the contents you are boiling. For Example – If you want to boil Tea you just need to select the Tea Setting (preset at 80 degC) on your kettle and it does the Job.

3. They heat water fast – Kettles heat water quickly as compared to traditional stoves and hence saving our patience.

4. They save money – Electric Kettles consume less energy as they are based on electricity. Heating with electricity is very efficient compared to the heat loss in gas, wood used by traditional stoves.

3. What are the different features to consider in an Electric Kettle?

Heating Power
It is the capacity of the kettle to heat contents as fast as possible. A higher heating power translates to quicker heating. Kettles come with heating power ranging from 1000W to 2000W.

Heating Powers should be selected based on the number of people consuming the content.
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Is the amount of water you can heat in one go or one session. Kettles come with 1l, 1.2l, 1.5l. 1.7l and 2l Capacity. Capacity should be choosen depending on the number of people you will be serving from the kettle.
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Body Material
The inner material of the kettle which is in contact with the heating contents. The inner body are either made up of Plastic, Stainless Steel, or Glass.

Stainless Steels fare the best in terms of cleanliness, durability and food safety. Check the explanation below for the pros and cons between each material.
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Form Factor
Kettles come in two forms i.e. Standard Jug Form or Cooker Form. Jug form has a narrow mouth whereas cooker style has a wider mouth.

Jug or Cooker type should be based on whether you will be mostly using the kettle for liquid (tea, coffee, water) boiling or whether you will be using it to boil eatables (veggies, egg, pasta). Jug is suited for liquids whereas cooker is suited for eatables.
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Temperature Control
Feature of the kettle to control the temperature of the final content. Kettles may or may not have this feature. The ones having it usually come with temperature presets from 4 , 6 to even 10.

This can be an important feature in case you are brewing tea which require a specific temperature for best results.
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Extra Features
Other features like Keep Warm Function, Dual Wall Construction, Goose Neck Spout are worth the mention. To know more check on the explanation below.
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