Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

November 2020

1. What is a Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth Speakers are portable speakers which lets you play music wirelessly using the Bluetooth Technology. They are also known as Portable Speakers and are gaining popularity day by day due to the convenience they provide us.

2. What are the benefits of buying a Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth Speakers offer convenience by playing music wirelessly through a cell phone/laptop (or other sources). No hassles of wire tangling and related disruption if any. Benefits being:-

1. They are portable – This is the prime reason for the sky rocketing sales of these speakers since their invention. As they are small in size and light compared to traditional speakers they are portable. Carrying them between rooms, rood trips or to the pool is a breeze.

2. They are Convenient – Portability along with the absence of wires equals to convenience. You get to control them at a distance of upto 15m. (means you can play your song from the adjacent room). Also the freedom to move the source (mobile/laptop) without causing any disruption is a wonderful feeling.

Bluetooth Speakers offer a good buying proposition with the benefits they provide and will certainly appeal to those wanting a light, portable and convenient speaker experience. We feel it is an product that you should own for the benefits they provide.

3. What are the features to consider in a Bluetooth Speaker?

Size Segment
Choose the right size segment based on your needs.
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Speaker Quality
Decides the quality of audio you will get.
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Battery Life
Longer battery life makes it very convenient by reducing disruptions.
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Protections like Splashproof, Waterproof, and Impact Resistance are crucial for the longevity.
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Other Features
Important features to enhance experience
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